1 Aug 2007

blogging for profit (part 3)

it is lamentable that Singaporean Entrepreneurs with a small exception of a few do blog. It's good to blog sometimes, because there isn't really another avenue to really crap about stuff that you dislike. This is not my first blog but this is probably one of my first "psychotherapy" blogs. Wonder what I mean by that? It's my avenue to air grievances, problems, gripes and anger with the rest of the world. It is probably one of the few ways to let out - apart from getting the latest Xbox 360 game - Overlord, and doing evil stuff like killing of innocents and stuff like that.
Although I did want to write about this topic, I also realised that the Editor of the Marketing Magazine (my must read and frequent reference), also talked about blogging by corporates and by the business owners and CEOs. Although I agree with her that we all should blog a little bit more, but I do agree that I am not going to blog too much about my company or business, of course not in specifics. As Asians, we tend to be a little closeted in our thinking and afraid that someone might copy our idea and so on - a fear perhaps heighted by lack of insecurity and confidence in our ability to continue to innovate and continue to be creative. It is also a fear that even I am confident to admit to. I verhemently disagreed to having a barter blog - as I am a partner in a company that runs a Business Barter Exchange, in fear that our competitior might find out too much about what we do and how we do it. As blogs are in the public domain, many people can read it, and then perhaps utilise the information to their monetary benefit (which is every business owner's fear).
But am I wrong to feel insecure? Hope to hear comments on this thought.